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You require a high standard of service – we know this as we do the same. This is why, since 1929, we have arranged all transports our customers have wished to make: quickly, reliably, at minor costs, on all continents, and by every possible mode of transport.



► 04/2016: Schryver Germany/Ecuador: Heavy lift air freight: 17,8t electric motor finished outward processing
► 03/2016: Schryver Ecuador: Heavy lift air freight: ABB Generator for Ecuadorian Oil Block, Quito.
► 03/2016: Schryver Brazil: Re-exportation of a Liebherr crane, São Paulo.
► 02/2016 - Schryver Mexico: Oversized air cargo solutions for the automotive industry, Puebla.
► 02/2016 - Schryver Brazil: Transport of a drilling rig and accesories, São Paulo.
► 01/2016 - Schryver Colombia: Logistics of a donated mobile orthopedic workshop from Haiti, Cartagena.
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