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Globally active as a local partner

You require a high standard of service – we know this as we do the same. This is why, since 1929, we have arranged all transports our customers have wished to make: quickly, reliably, at minor costs, on all continents, and by every possible mode of transport.



► 01/2016 - Schryver Germany: Senior manager JP Schryver in a german magazine about Logistic Services in: results - Das Unternehmermagazin der Deutschen Bank, Hamburg.
► 12/2015 - Schryver Ecuador: Video clip - Employees about their work at Schryver (5., 10. and 20. anniversary), Quito.
► 10/2015 - Schryver went ahtletic!
► 10/2015 - Schryver Peru: Move to a new location in San Isidro, Lima.
► 09/2015 - Schryver Mexico received a BASC-Certification for Seguridad en la Cadena Logística, Puebla.
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