When our founder, Herbert Johannes Schryver, launched his small forwarding agency in 1929, he did it against his grandfather’s wishes: he wanted his grandson to become a shoemaker. Today we have offices around the world, eight companies, a network of partners and agents, and more than 250 employees. It was a complete success story.

Our cargo transportation company was pioneer in Latin America, establishing its first office in Mexico in 1938. In the early 1950s, German exports were booming. At that time, ​phone calls abroad were still not very common and the news were transmitted by Telex.

The history of containers began in the 1970s, which would change everything and give a constant boost to the naval and port industry. During that decade, more precisely in 1979, we celebrated our 50th anniversary and continued expansion: opening new markets in Asia, Africa and Australia.

We founded our first aviation branch in 1994. Whether air, land or sea transport, the three divisions have always had a strong place and a long tradition in our family business.