Bolivia - a country with a diverse landscape that ranges from the Andes to the Atacama Desert and the rainforest in the Amazon basin.
Because of its inland condition, Bolivia is an interesting Market for all needs and requirements of the import, export and commercial business. In this context, plus the dynamic economic growth due to the foreign Exchange of Bolivia and the world in the last years, in 2002 a comprehensive proposal to the logistics supplychain was born under the name of BICKER BOLIVIAN GROUP SRL, which is part of SCHRYVER LOGISTICS Group today.
Our services include air and ocean freight, inland transportation and port services from and to Arica and Iquique, two of the main 5 ports in Chile.

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Bicker Bolivian Group S.R.L.
Santa Cruz
Av. Bánzer entre 3º y 4º anillo
C/Prof. Maximiliano Nº 100
Santa Cruz
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