Brazil - with a gross domestic product of 2.2 trillion US dollars (2023), this country is the largest economy in Latin America. Not only that: due to its climate and size, Brazilian agriculture is one of the most competitive in the world.

This makes Brazil an interesting market for SCHRYVER LOGISTICS. Seeing the country's potential we opened our first office in 1994. Since then, SCHRYVER LOGISTICS BRAZIL has developed a deep understanding of local and international logistics. With offices in São Paulo, Curitiba, Joinville, Paranaguá and Porto Alegre, we ensure a comprehensive service across Brazil. We excel in the export of goods and machinery and the import of automotive parts, beverage and bottling plants and pharmaceuticals. With our customs team in Curitiba, we ensure smooth handling and thus offer a full service throughout the entire logistics process.

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Schryver Do Brasil Agenciamiento de Cargas Ltda
São Paulo (Headquarters)
Irai Office Bldg, Al. dos Nhambiquaras, 1500
04090-003 – São Paulo
SP – Brazil
Rua Dr João Colin, 1872 – Sala 10
89204-002 América – Joinville
SC – Brazil
Av. Comendador Franco, 6848
81560-000 – Curitiba
PR – Brazil
Rua Princesa Izabel, nº 298, 1001,
Edifício Comercial Ambassador Trade Center
83203-200 – Paranaguá
PR – Brazil
Porto Alegre
Av. Cristóvão Colombo, 2955 – Conj. 401
90560-005 Porto Alegre
RS - Brazil
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