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TV from South Korea, bananas from Costa Rica, jeans from the USA and machine parts from Japan – to ship all these things smoothly and punctually to their destination, there are a lot of logistical challenges to overcome: Which mode of transport are the right ones? How should the goods be packed? Which formalities have to be considered? How is the order processing monitored? You think that sounds exciting? That’s it. In addition, the logistics industry is growing and the prospects for the future are splendid. We are constantly looking for new talents and new forwarding agents for our local and international teams around the world. We also look forward to speculative applications.

Our industry is diverse – and so are our employees. Although grades, school and university degrees play a role in the selection process, in the end the overall impression of an applicant decides. What convinces us are relevant practical experience or successfully completed internships and language skills among young professionals. You can also score points with international experience.