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Project Description

80t Transformer Project Shipment


The transformer CENEMESA for our client was loaded on the 07th of December at an Electric Company in Pascuales, Guayaquil with a 140 ton crane. On the 08th of December, 2017 the transport of the transformer CENEMESA started.
The transformer was transported on a low boy from Guayaquil.

During the transport the 200 ton crane was prepared for the unloading of the transformer.
Due to the weight of the transformer of 80 tonnes, the crane needed counter-weight to lift the transformer without any risk.

The low boy with the transformer arrived at “Subestacion Electrica Posorja”. Due to the height of the transporter the power line of the power station had to be lifted in order to continue the transport. Although the transport turned out to be a challenging work, the low boy finally reached its destination. After all preparations were completed, the transformer was lifted on the foundation and anchored. In addition, a final assembly was necessary to carry out the commissioning of the transformer. Finally, the transport of the transformer was completed. The next steps are the installation and the operation of the transformer.