Santa Cruz, BO – Helsinki, FI

Santa Cruz, BO – Helsinki, FI 2017-02-13T08:06:28+00:00

Project Description

On-Board Courier


Schryver Ecuador was hired in order to tranSport some delicate measuring tools from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Finland in an extremely urgent need. One of our colleagues from Ecuador, took personally this package following the next route: Quito, Ec – Panama – Frankfurt, GE – Helsinki, FN – Oslo, SW – Hamburg, GE – Frankfurt, GE – Panama, PN – Quito, EC. The complexity of this route taken was due to the urgent need of the package and the small offer of this specific airplane route. Once arrived to Helsinki, our colleague could pass through customs easily since the cargo had been declared prior to the arrival and taxes&duties had been paid by our agent there based on a commercial invoice. All went smoothly and the customer has been satisfied by our excellent, personalized and very dedicated service